The aim of Counselling/Psychotherapy is to facilitate you in making sense of your experiences of life in order for you to have greater control and mastery of it. By taking the space to reflect on your experiences with a trained professional, you achieve greater self-understanding, heightened acceptance of self and others and improved relationships. You engage in the process of fully fulfilling your needs and taking full creative responsibility for your life.


Psychotherapy & Counselling is for everybody and is an asset to self development and enhancing self-esteem. It can be a great support in times of crisis or change and can be either short-term or long-term depending on the individual’s needs.


While there are often areas of overlap between counselling and psychotherapy, counselling relates to shorter term work designed to assist a person in dealing with a specific issue / event in his or her life. It focuses primarily on the presenting issues and explores new and more positive approaches in dealing with the particular event or issue. Counselling can be useful where a person can identify a pattern of thinking and/or behaving that has been persistent in their life and is causing recurring issues or difficulties in the person’s emotional or behavioural world.


Psychotherapy is deeper work and looks at the underlying reasons behind current patterns of behaviour. It brings awarness as to how events, circumstances and relationships in a person's past influence them today. Psychotherapy looks to bring together all parts of a person, including those that have been split off and are outside of ones awarness. Psychotherapy is more suited to longer term work, in that it examines how these thinking styles and behaviours developed and explores effective ways of adapting or changing these patterns in order to gain more positive control in one's life.

What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Shane Sheehy, MSc, BA, hDip. Clinical Psychotherapy.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Qualified Counsellor South Dublin

"Those who look outside, dream; those who look inside, awaken”― Carl Jung